Carbonara is a common and popular pasta recipe that is primarily a carbonara sauce that is traditionally based on eggs, cheese, bacon or pancetta. Try our delicious recipe variations including chicken, fettuccine and creamy carbonara.

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    This is a really easy carbonara pasta that uses chicken and bacon. We eat it mid-week when time and energy are a bit short.

    Recipe by: EFOOTT

    1 review

    Creamy fettuccine with asparagus, ham and parsley, and spinach. Perfect flavour distinctively Australian/Italian style. Great comfort food and very healthy....

    Recipe by: lynxxxjack

    1 review

    An easy yummy pasta dish that is super creamy and delish. Literally takes only 15 minutes to prepare and can be served to impress. Work quickly and eat straight away for best results.

    Recipe by: cphannah

    2 reviews

    This is a simple little dish that I put together one night. it is however, rich as Bro.

    Recipe by: Roochops

    1 review

    This dish started out 20 years ago with liver and fettucine but has evolved to become bacon and brie!

    Recipe by: Jays

    10 reviews

    This is a quick a simple variation of pasta carbonara that uses bacon and zucchini in an egg and parmesan sauce.

    Recipe by: shardman

    3 reviews

    I am not suggesting for a minute that spaghetti carbonara can be a diet food. However, if you are a fan of this creamy, comforting pasta dish and balk at the calories, here's a method that shaves a few off by omitting butter and cream.

    Recipe by: Liz_W

    No reviews

    This is just an easy way to cook carbonara. It's simple but it's nice. :)

    Recipe by: Chefwannabe

    115 reviews

    Crispy bacon, eggs and cream, parsley and Parmesan cheese combine to make this classic easy pasta dinner.

    Recipe by: Jackie

    3 reviews

    This is a lovely quick yet tasty and satisfying dish that I keep up my sleeve for busy weeknights. The whole family loves it.

    Recipe by: Caroline

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