Iced Coffee

    No long hot summer afternoon is complete without a tall glass of iced coffee, plain, blended or Vietnamese style. Check out the recipes below for more ideas.

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    Anyone who has been to Vietnam will be familiar with the coffee process that sometimes seems to take longer to make than to drink. Here is my home ceremony, or you can just make it and give it to your friends.

    Recipe by: homeboy

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    A simple yet tasty drink perfect for a summer day. You can adjust the cinnamon and coffee amounts to taste.

    Recipe by: catlovestocook

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    A properly made Vietnamese ice coffee is the most refreshing drink imaginable on a humid day. You will need a cone-shaped coffee filter.

    Recipe by: Hann

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    This is actually a very old iced coffee recipe, popular in Italy before soft drinks became widespread. Coffee is chilled and topped up with fizzy mineral water.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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    This iced coffee is anything but bland and all it takes is the addition of a little vanilla and cinnamon. You could also use nutmeg for a smoother taste.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    This is a very decadent mocha iced coffee combining coffee, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. Garnish with whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Susan

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    This is a lovely creamy drink which we always make in summer. You can add more coffee if you like it strong.

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    This is a blended-coffee treat just like you might buy at a cafe. You can make it non-dairy by using soy milk.

    Recipe by: LDENSVEN

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    I think this recipe is like Turkish coffee because of the touch of cardamom. Make it in advance so you can have iced coffee when you most need it.

    Recipe by: Yolli

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    I developed this drink as a refresher after going running with friends. Serve each glass with a straw so the drink can be stirred while it cools.

    Recipe by: Jen K.

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