Use lavender to add a delicious floral aroma to recipes such as lavender ice cream and sorbet, lavender cakes and lavender shortbread.

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Lavender and lemon are an unusual combination but work together well in this great slice.

Recipe by: AngelaD74

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Fresh chicken breasts wrapped with bacon, chilli flakes and sprigs of fresh lavender. They are baked until golden brown then topped with grated cheddar cheese.

Recipe by: Silverleaf

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This is a beautiful tea cake and a tasty way to use lavender. It's especially good with fresh sliced strawberries in season.

Recipe by: SHIKAIRI

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This is a rather sophisticated dessert that is ideal for your next special dinner. It features lavender and peaches in a homemade sorbet.

Recipe by: The Magpie

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For something a little different try this refreshing and soothing drink. Lavender adds a floral note.

Recipe by: Jennifer K

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This is a delightful yoghurt cake that is dairy free and packed with flavours from lavender and blackberries.

Recipe by: WatkinsandGeorge

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This paleo friendly blueberry and lavender ice cream is incredibly vibrant and tastes delicious. A wonderful healthy alternative to regular ice cream, especially during the summer months when you can gather your own lavender and blueberries.

Recipe by: geneviever

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People don't really expect real flowers, so light, yet conversation pieces. Good for taking as a plate or or your lunch.

Recipe by: micheled

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Take out those ice block moulds and make this frozen treat for grown-ups. Made with fresh blueberries and Greek yoghurt, this ice block is healthy as well as tasty. You can make this with any type of berry.

Recipe by: syd

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Salt has always gone well with caramel to cut through the thick sweetness of the rich flavours. Here, a fruity and aromatic taste is added to further turn this into a winning simple combination!!

Recipe by: nickross15

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