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There's nothing like the amazing succulent taste of barbecued lamb. Whether you're doing a roast, kebabs, chops or a burger check out our great recipes.

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This very tasty and easy marinade for lamb chops can also be used for steaks. BBQ or grill depending on the weather!

Recipe by: Noor

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This lamb gives you one and a half to two hours to enjoy your favourite drink while cooking on the BBQ and being basted by a home made hot barbecue sauce. You can use an open or hooded BBQ.

Recipe by: DWD1249

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This is a great recipe for barbecued chops. In fact, it redeemed barbecued chops for me! I used to hate them, now I love them and I cook them for the family every couple of weeks in the summer. I serve them with pasta or potato salads.

Recipe by: SARAH1984

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The perfect marinade for barbecued lamb chops. Serve with some bread or rice and a green salad for a perfect summertime meal.

Recipe by: Debra

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An easy burger to make; yet something a little different using lamb mince. Guests have raved over this one. Serve in pita bread or Lebanese bread.

Recipe by: Alan Hollister

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This is the best BBQ marinade I have ever tasted! Perfect with pork, lamb and chicken! The tomato sauce may sound a bit strange but it brings it all together and gives it its stickiness.

Recipe by: azwhayn

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If you have never prepared lamb burgers, I highly recommend you try this recipe. Serve on hamburger buns with lettuce, tomato and red onion.

Recipe by: Jo

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Succulent, juicy lamb, marinated in orange juice and liqueur and cooked slowly over charcoals. You can also add capsicums and onions to the kebabs. Start thsi the day before to allow for marinating.

Recipe by: Marcus Hender

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Being of Armenian origin myself, I have grown up with this food for years and would like to share it with those who are not familiar with Armenian cuisine.

Recipe by: henrytad

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Marinated lamb chops are cooked on the barbie or under the grill, then topped with a wonderful tangy pomengranate-port reduction. Very impressive!

Recipe by: WannaBeChef

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