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Whether you create them from scratch or use premade ones, marshmallows are great in a recipe for a slice or rocky road or as a garnish for a dessert or cake.

Top Marshmallow Recipes

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Simple home made marshmallow for school fetes or fundraisers. Again, resurrected from my teenage years. You can spread this into a slice tray and make it into squares or spoon into little ice cream cones to make marshmallow "icecreams."

Recipe by: isobel

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Homemade marshmallows are the real deal, worlds apart from store bought. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Homemade Marshmallows Video.

Recipe by: HBIC

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This is a very easy way to make a delicious fondant. It's great on cakes and biscuits. Leftovers will save in a tightly sealed container for a few weeks.

Recipe by: Kiele Briscoe

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Fluffy, sugary balls of delight! This recipe wraps a marshmallow in coconut before being dipped in chocolate.

Recipe by: Sarah_gIShWhes

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This recipe has a chocolate and marshmallow base similar to a brownie, then served with a marshmallow fluff topping.

Recipe by: CapnCharlie

Marshmallows Videos

How to Make Marshmallows
How to Make Marshmallows

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