Chilli Sauce (40)

    Whether you’re looking for green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce, sweet chilli sauce or another chilli sauce recipe look here to add some spice to your next meal.

    Top Chilli Sauce Recipes

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    This is a version of the Tunisian hot chilli sauce 'Harissa'. A dozen hot red chillies are cooked in the oven with cumin, coriander and garlic before being placed in jars for storage.

    Recipe by: friederike

    126 reviews

    Hot sauce made from scratch. You can find jalapenos at most supermarkets these days. Great with Mexican food.

    Recipe by: Rayna Jordan

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    This is the simplest sweet chilli sauce to make, 4 ingredients a little of your time and hey presto sweet chilli sauce like Grandma used to make.

    Recipe by: Lorraine1962

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    A bit of a kick from Thai chilli sauce makes all the difference with chicken noodle soup. You can also use leftover cooked chicken which cuts down the prep time a bit.

    Recipe by: KLEENESTAR

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    This spicy sauce is a great for chicken or fish tacos. Depending on how spicy you like your food you can adjust the amount of chilli, or leave the seeds in. It's also great as a dip!

    Recipe by: Luci

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