Scrambled Eggs (43)

    For an easy breakfast or snack try a classic scrambled egg recipe or add extras like pesto, tomatoes, smoked salmon and goats cheese.

    Top Scrambled Egg Recipes

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    This scrambled eggs recipe is hit at our house. It's super easy and the kids love it! It's got so much flavour to it unlike many scrambled egg recipes. I guarantee will you love this recipe!

    Recipe by: magz1704

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    These proportions are for when you have an army to feed in the morning, such as at the holidays. They come out light and fluffy.

    Recipe by: Erin

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    Scrambled eggs are a great breakfast but you can jazz them up by adding a little crumbled feta and tomato. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Kerry

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    I wanted something quick and easy to prepare for breakfast at work and this fits the bill beautifully, especially if you have only got a microwave oven and no stove available. This is so easy and delicious, I shouldn't be sharing it. The trick to making this work well is to cook it in the microwave twice.

    Recipe by: johnlmac1956

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    After trying every which way to make scrambled eggs, it turns out they come out perfectly every time, creamy, fluffy and delicious, with this simple recipe!

    Recipe by: suzyf13

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