Soy Milk (22)

Soy milk is a great milk alternative that is featured in many recipes from Asian treats to vegan versions of old favourites like cakes and slices.

Top Soy Milk Recipes

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This quick and easy breakfast smoothie will help you start your day out right. Loaded with soy milk, porridge, a whole ripe banana and some frozen strawberries.

Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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I like the taste of soy milk but you could use regular milk if you prefer. Likewise, you can make it vegan by using soy ice cream.

Recipe by: FISHLOVE

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This recipe is great for kids (and adults!) who are lactose intolerant but everyone is sure to love them. You can use any mix of berries or any fruit in season. This recipe uses paper cups but you can use ice block moulds if you have them.

Recipe by: Zoe

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We kept these apple cinnamon muffins gluten free and diary free by using gluten free four and soy milk, combined with brown and raw sugars, vanilla and an apple.

Recipe by: Julie

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This is a lovely custardy rice pudding in the Indian tradition. You can make it all vegan by using soy milk as the other milk.

Recipe by: PATRICK7

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