Muesli Bars

    Plain muesli bars, muesli muffin bars, fruit slices that are like muesli bars and chocolate coated muesli bars. Check which recipe is the one you are after.

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    These muesli-muffin bars are very soft and perfect for lunchboxes! The recipe is very flexible as you can use a variety of dried fruits and either golden or maple syrup (muesli bars turn out sweeter when maple is used). You can also add extra ingredients, e.g. nuts.

    Recipe by: Dolores

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    My kids prefer my home made muesli bars to the shop bought ones, but variety is still important. My son asked me if I could make Apple and Cinnamon Muesli Bars, instead of the usual ones that I make. I came up with this and both the kids loved the result. Though it could also be called a health snack as there isn't much that would offend your diet!

    Recipe by: JacksBack

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    Kids of all ages love these, they are a perfect treat to pop in lunch boxes.

    Recipe by: mumof2

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    Buying muesli bars was getting so expensive so we started making our own, after a few tweaks this is the recipe we now use the most.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    Start with a double dose of oats and you're on your way to a heart-healthy snack. For a gift, wrap the bars in baking paper or plastic wrap, then in colourful wrapping paper, and tuck them into a pretty basket. They'll keep for about a week.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    These healthy wholegrain breakfast bars are delicious and will keep you satisfied and energised throughout the morning. Instead of using dried mixed fruit, feel free to substitute any of your favourite dried fruits. Same for the nuts and cereal.

    Recipe by: Arielle

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    These bars are delicious and full of crunchy seeds and rolled oats for fibre and protein. They keep well in the freezer so they are always ready to go.

    Recipe by: Amy E.

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    This delicious dense mixture can be cut up into bars. They are dense and full of flavour, perfect for hiking or camping. Vary the recipe according to what's in the cupboard! Any type of dried fruit or nuts may be substituted for the ones in the recipe.

    Recipe by: LN Lee

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    These delicious muesli bars are packed full of goodness and they taste great too, my daughter loves them so much she won't eat store bought ones anymore.

    Recipe by: leekee

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    A mixture of oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, nuts and cranberries baked together with condensed milk make a handy snack for school lunch, tramping or mums on the go.

    Recipe by: SeattleFarmersMarketGirl

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