Mango Chutney

    Accompany your curry or kebabs with fabulous green mango chutney, mango and sultana chutney, mango and pear chutney or mango and kiwifruit chutney.

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    Mango chutney tops off this magnificent cheese ball with bacon, onion and golden raisins. Simple, simple recipe and the dish is emptied EVERY time!!

    Recipe by: PHROGGI19

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    The gooey brie mixed with the crunchy phyllo and the tangy mango chutney makes the perfect appetizer or party pleaser! It wows company every time I make it. Red pepper jelly also works well instead of the mango chutney.

    Recipe by: MONICA DEREGT

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    This sweet and tangy chutney combines fresh mangoes, apples, and sultanas with chopped onion and red chilli.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Two fabulous fruits combine in this very South Pacific flavoured chutney that is best left to mature for at least a month before eating. It will keep for a year or more in the fridge-if it lasts that long.

    Recipe by: RaewynL

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    Every larder should stock a selection of sweet chutneys like these; for the ingredients, use fruits that are perfect or only slightly blemished.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Make your own Indian-style mango chutney with dates and raisins. This recipe makes enough for freezing or canning.

    Recipe by: Michelle Mackey

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    When mangoes are cheap in our green grocers shop I buy them and make my own chutney. At least I know what's in it and that it is pure.

    Recipe by: HighSpeedMum

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    This refreshing mango chutney is quick and easy and perfect to top schnitzel. This version is to be eaten straight away and not jarred.

    Recipe by: Elliot Porter

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