Mango Chutney

    Accompany your curry or kebabs with fabulous green mango chutney, mango and sultana chutney, mango and pear chutney or mango and kiwifruit chutney.

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    We live in Saudi Arabia and my neighbor, Kokub who is from Pakistan makes the most amazing mango chutney. A few years ago she invited me to help her. Of course, she doesn't use a recipe, so the NEXT time I went over with my measuring cups and scale so I could recreate her magic on my own. What an incredible experience!

    Recipe by: PREGOCOOK

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    An excellent chutney for pork or lamb. Mangoes are simmered with sultanas, ginger, onion, garlic and lots of spices. Makes plenty, so be prepared with sterilised jars. Makes great presents as well.

    Recipe by: Shirley Crowley

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    This chutney goes well with curries but also as a garnish for fish or steak. It is great as a gift too. Perfect if you live anywhere near an old mango tree.

    Recipe by: zuallemfahig

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    An unusual combo of ingredients - green pears and green mangoes - that work perfectly in this chutney. Goes well with any curry as well as roast pork. Use dried cranberries or sultanas if you can't find sour cherries.

    Recipe by: BASTET

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    Potatoes and cauliflower are fried then simmered in a mix of spices, stock, vinegar and chutney in this flavourful meal. Serve with white rice.

    Recipe by: DARKSTORM406

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    The sweetness of mango, pineapple and red capsicum is given a zing from fresh ginger and a kick from chilli. Serve this chutney with barbecue chicken or seafood for an exciting burst of flavour!

    Recipe by: MATHTUTORRITA

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    This is a mango chutney that I developed that in my opinion and family and friends, is the best. It includes a small amount of chilli, but should you be averse to it, leave it out. Other key ingredients, apart from the obvious fresh mangoes are ginger and garlic but there are more on. It's easy by the way and you won't buy any after this!

    Recipe by: TonyArnold

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    I like this simple recipe to make mango chutney. The chutney is very popular in my household and I am sure it will be in yours too. The recipe makes 3 to 4 jars of chutney.

    Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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    Fresh ginger and mango make a lovely combo for chutney. This chutney keeps for a few months in tightly sealed jars.

    Recipe by: Krenzlich

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    This sweet and spicy chutney combines pineapple, mango, cucumber and jalapeno for a colorful topping for scallops or chicken.

    Recipe by: Yorkville_Mom

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