Cod and blue cod in New Zealand are a mild flavoured, very low fat fish with dense white flesh. It is popular in soup or stew recipes and fried with chips.

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    A subtly spiced rice dish, this is based on a classic kedgeree recipe but with extra vegetables to add vitamins. Serve with a side salad.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    Cod or any meaty fish fillets work well for this braised dish, with the Italian influences of tomatoes, black olives and fresh parsley. Serve over rice.

    Recipe by: Bonnie Martin

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    Lovely creamy baked cod crumble with a crusty topping. It's a meal in itself but great with a bright crispy salad.

    Recipe by: jojo pink

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    Here's a really simple supper dish of smoked cod with a crispy topping of sliced potatoes finished with cheese. Preferably, choose undyed smoked fish fillets — these are a pale gold colour rather than the tan-coloured dyed fish. Peas and leeks add vitamins, minerals and fibre.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This chowder combines the sweetness of parsnips with smoked cod stock. You can use other fresh whitefish if you can't find cod.

    Recipe by: Wendy

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    This is a dish for the true seafood lover. If you can't find cod, any other firm fleshed white fish will work.

    Recipe by: Lynseey

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    Kind of like fish and chips but with no batter and much healthier and easier. You can use other white fish or salmon for this recipe.

    Recipe by: Mushonite

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    This is an old family recipe that my mother always used to make on Good Friday. I love the smoked cod in it which I can find too strong if eaten alone.

    Recipe by: CZARDAS

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    Delicious patties of potato and smoked cod with watercress, coated in crumbs and gently fried until golden. The peppery flavour of the water cress is a perfect balance to the salty fish. You could use rocket or any bitter green instead of watercress

    Recipe by: SHONAB52

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    This is a basic beer batter and is ideal for any white fleshed fish. Serve with homemade baked potato chips and coleslaw.

    Recipe by: Wilma Scott

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