Pesto is an Italian sauce usually consisting of basil, pine nuts, olive oil and cheese but the variations are endless. Try these pesto recipes on pasta or toast.

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    A really simple pesto which is perfect when you want something quick for a party. Great for pita bread or veggies.

    Recipe by: veggigoddess

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    This is my version of the increasingly popular Pumpkin Risotto. Its very creamy with the feta through it and totally mooreish. I played around with it for some time before I got it to this point. My whole family love this recipe and I get cheers from my kids when I tell them we are having it for dinner. I have only rated it a medium difficulty because of the constant stirring involved. it's not a "chuck it together and leave it" type meal.

    Recipe by: JodyW

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    This is a cute little spin on simple mashed potatoes with the addition of a small amount of pesto, making it a quick and easy side for any main course.

    Recipe by: Denise's Simple Yummies

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    Aromatic and fresh basil leaves are blended with Parmesan, walnuts and cloves of fresh garlic. This pesto tastes great on pasta, with tomatoes or even as a dip.

    Recipe by: sal

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    This versatile and tasty pesto of sun dried tomatoes and basil can be served over pasta or in sandwiches.

    Recipe by: Shaun

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    A delicious vegetarian pasta sauce from tinned tomatoes and prepared pesto. Simmered with garlic and served with Parmesan cheese over a bed of fusilli pasta.

    Recipe by: LYNN DOIRON

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    This is a really quick and easy pizza that uses a premade pizza base. Cut into bite-size pieces for a great party nibble.

    Recipe by: ANNMINER

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    A tasty alternative to the traditonal basil pesto. Easy to make and delicious. Use with pasta, on toast, over meat or vegetables. Can be stored in a screw top jar for later use.

    Recipe by: MaggieC

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    A comforting and tasty weeknight dinner of chicken pasta with pesto, chillies and sun-dried tomatoes.

    Recipe by: Kristin

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    This, 'all in one dish' is so easy to prepare and cook and is colourful, tasty and good enough for any special occasion.

    Recipe by: CharlieB

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