Milkshakes are made with ice cream rather than ice and often contain less fresh fruit and more traditional dessert flavours like chocolate and caramel.

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    Unusual, yet delicious! Plus it's very easy.

    Recipe by: SPANKY

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    If you have a blender and some bananas, you can make this perfect and perfectly simple banana milkshake. We love it!

    Recipe by: REBECCA200541

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    This shake is absolutely scrumptious! Throw some dates in the blender with some bananas, almond milk and coconut water, and prepare for pure heaven. Trust me – make a date with this shake – you won’t be disappointed. It is absolutely delicious!

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    Vanilla ice cream blended together with desiccated coconut, cream and milk make a rich creamy summery milkshake you will love.

    Recipe by: TALLI1313

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    Avocado may seem an unusual ingredient for a milkshake but wait until you see how rich and creamy it is!

    Recipe by: Alexa

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    This is a very decadent mocha iced coffee combining coffee, chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup. Garnish with whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Susan

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    A yummy banana smoothie made with milk and ice cream. Well the ice cream is optional but I will often make this for dessert so that excuses it!:-)

    Recipe by: marianne

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    Whipped cream makes this chocolate milkshake creamy and as light as air. Drizzle with chocolate topping after you pour in the cream for an even more sensational chocolaty treat.

    Recipe by: Austin Geraldson

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    Your kids won't believe their luck when you taste this healthy fruit shake. Use cold mango to make it even cooler.

    Recipe by: wwtech69

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    Banana milkshakes are always a family favourite and also a great way to get children to eat some fruit. No one can resist a milkshake.

    Recipe by: Hanni

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