Milkshake (29)

    Milkshakes are made with ice cream rather than ice and often contain less fresh fruit and more traditional dessert flavours like chocolate and caramel.

    Top Milkshake Recipes

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    A wonderful milkshake that can easily be adapted for low-sugar diets. My mother got me started on this 20 years ago. I rarely add sugar, but I realise that some people enjoy a bit more sweetness. You can substitute orange juice for milk if you like.

    Recipe by: DMATTIE

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    I like the taste of soy milk but you could use regular milk if you prefer. Likewise, you can make it vegan by using soy ice cream.

    Recipe by: FISHLOVE

    2 reviews

    Delicious 100% healthy smoothie that you can make in a minute or less! Great for when you are on the go!!!YUMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Recipe by: bithib

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    This was a recipe of necessity, I was fed up of throwing away Nutella jars with still some leftover Nutella in them. So now we make Nutella milk to get those last few bits out. Puts a whole new meaning to 'milk shake'.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    A cooling pick-me-up of a coffee-chocolate milkshake. It has the kick of coffee, the sweetness of condensed milk and is perfect for summer.

    Recipe by: janice

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