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    Here's a great collection of recipes for fruit bread, fruit and nut loaf, Irish soda bread, sultana bread and raisin loaf.

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    14 reviews

    This is a lovely fruity bread that can be made in the bread machine. Lovely served warm with butter or cream.

    Recipe by: LOOPEYUK

    64 reviews

    This is a great recipe for the bread machine, no fuss at all. Sultana bread is great toasted with just a little butter for a real treat.

    Recipe by: Rob Wilson

    28 reviews

    A real banana bread for those that don't want a sticky wet quick cake recipe. You'll get a better flavour from this banana bread and no need to mash the bananas...the bread machine will mash them as it mixes the bread.

    Recipe by: oz

    62 reviews

    A fruit bread that gets it flavour from dried cranberries. This is a bread machine recipe so very easy to make.

    Recipe by: RNORTHOS

    51 reviews

    If you like rum and raisin ice cream, here is the bread equivalent! It's sweet for a fruit bread and very easy to make in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Jill M.

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