Brie is a soft cow cheese from France. It is often served as is on a cheese platter, but is also excellent baked or used in a creamy pasta sauce recipe.

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This has a been a hit every time I have served it. This can be an entree or dessert and it is quick and tasty - especially when figs are in season.

Recipe by: Cassandra Yaz

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Turkey mince makes for a lighter leaner burger than beef. These have added brie and cranberries for a lovely combination of flavours.

Recipe by: ABS140

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This dish started out 20 years ago with liver and fettucine but has evolved to become bacon and brie!

Recipe by: Jays

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Tomatoes and basil together are always a hit and brie adds creaminess. Great served warm or cold for dinner.


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Brie is baked in a mushroom, garlic, almond and brandy sauce in this is a perfect entree. Serve warm with baguette slices.

Recipe by: Amy

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Delicious radicchoi, rocket and watercress leaves are tossed with radishes, ripe peaches, redcurrants and hazel nuts then served with freshly toasted brie crostini.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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This gorgeous puff pastry parcel is filled with gooey Brie and sweet caramelised apples and onions. An elegant but easy starter for any affair.

Recipe by: KMKLANG

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Chicken is baked in a fairly standard type of way but then just before serving slices of Brie are laid on the chicken and melt creating a rich, gooey like sauce from the cheese.

Recipe by: LISETTEZ

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Grilled oysters are placed on oven toasted baguette slices with melted Brie cheese. Makes an ideal entree or elegant finger food.

Recipe by: A.Z.

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A quick and easy party snack with brie cheese and pears. The pears add sweet and the brie adds salty, for a flavour combination to enjoy. Try it with other fruit too.

Recipe by: Cattleya

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