Hot Dog

    Hot dogs are such a quick and easy lunch or dinner option. There are many great ideas to prepare them whether the dog is wrapped in bacon or there is a cultural twist.

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    These are a cute addition to the Halloween dinner or any other creepy themed party. Takes a bit of time but the kids like it.

    Recipe by: -Bea

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    If you like hot dogs you have to try them with warm cream cheese as well as the standard mustard and sauerkraut.

    Recipe by: Dolan A.

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    Here's a great kid's lunch or snack, a little different from the average hot dog! They're great with or without a bun. Add tomato sauce, mustard and onions if you like.

    Recipe by: Jerrol

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    Not something that I make often as it's deep fried but they are delicious and a hit with the family.

    Recipe by: pipinz2004

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    Because I don't think hot dogs are unhealthy enough, I like to wrap mine in bacon too! You should try it!!

    Recipe by: homeboy

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