Hot Dog

    Hot dogs are such a quick and easy lunch or dinner option. There are many great ideas to prepare them whether the dog is wrapped in bacon or there is a cultural twist.

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    Global Cuisine

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    This recipe came about as I simply yearned the taste for some thing different and spicy, and it became a success.

    Recipe by: Cool

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    This is a very simple meal I first had as a kid. It's just buttered egg noodles with parsley, parmesan cheese and frankfurts. To this day I still eat it and I guarantee that your kids will love it too.

    Recipe by: Kristin

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    I have seen so much about the American hot dogs on TV I sort out this recipe, this one from Chicago. It is pretty good and worth a try when you are watching you next American Blockbuster movie.

    Recipe by: redhotcook!

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    My kids love hot dogs as an extra special treat. I like to make them a little healthier by using wholegrain bread instead of hot dog buns. Try some simple side dishes like cucumber and watermelon to brighten up the plate.

    Recipe by: TastyFood

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    These were a great project with the kids, we used them for Halloween but you could use them for any scary themed party.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

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    If you've got a deep fryer you can easily make your own Pluto Pups (or Dagwood Dogs...depending on where you grew up) at home. You can use vegetarian hot dogs as a substitute.

    Recipe by: mandas stuff

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    This dish is super easy, great for both guys and gals and kids :) fast and filling - Hot dogs that are filled with cheese and wrapped with bacon, onions and good old kiwi tomato sauce.

    Recipe by: wiggywoggy

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    If your kids like to get dressed up on Halloween, try serving them this super-fun snack. Also good for a ghost-themed kid's party.

    Recipe by: vewohl

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    Wonderful Middle Eastern flavours in hot dog shape! You can serve these like hot dogs on a roll, or in pita bread with tahini and couscous.


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    Liven up hot dogs with salsa and mince instead of just fried onions. They taste great and are budget friendly too.

    Recipe by: Keri

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