Pomegranate (25)

    Pomegranate is an usually fruit that is gaining in popularity for its tart flavour and healthful properties. Try a pomegranate salad or pomegranate cocktail.

    Top Pomegranate Recipes

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    This quick and easy salad uses pistachios and pomegranate seeds to create a taste sensation ideal for that next special dinner.

    Recipe by: mimichette

    43 reviews

    Many supermarkets sell pomegranate juice and the pomegranate syrup is also known as pomegranate molasses which you can find in Lebanese shops.

    Recipe by: MRFANTASTIC

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    This is a beautiful bittersweet salsa that blends pomegranate with chillies and coriander. Great with cooked meats or as a dip.

    Recipe by: DRAGONSBANE

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    This is a Middle Eastern dish of chicken stewed in a pomegranate and walnut sauce. Serve with white rice.

    Recipe by: PFEIFFER

    14 reviews

    This is a unique relish that goes beautifully with roasted meats. Fresh pomegranates, eschallots, lime juice and coriander are simmered together for a fragrant result.

    Recipe by: Ruth Levene

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