Baked Beans (21)

    Gone are the days when all backed beans come from a tin, try one of these great homemade backed bean recipes or a recipe with baked beans as an ingredient.

    Top Baked Bean Recipes

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    Four different types of beans are mixed in a sweet sauce with treacle, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire and Tabasco, then oven baked with streaky bacon.

    Recipe by: SHARONHOWARD

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    Home made baked beans are unbeatable when compared with the canned variety! This recipe has four kinds of beans and chickpeas.

    Recipe by: Kelly

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    Homemade baked beans are the best! They are a great accompaniment at a barbecue or simply served with toast.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    Who doesn't love beans on toast?! Two slices of toast buttered with a bit of cream cheese then topped with hot baked beans is a meal that Kiwi's and Aussies can both agree on.

    Recipe by: Jon2

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    Most recipes for baked beans, especially those that come in tins, are extremely high in sugar content. With approx nine teaspoons per tin, this is way too much sugar for those unfortunate sufferers of diabetes type 2 and awkward for type 1 with judging their insulin levels. As a result most diabetics shy away or sometimes go for a reduced sugar and salt version. I hope my recipe, diabetic spicy baked beans with sausage and smoked bacon, will help. I think it absolutely rocks, not just in taste but also style. Served with a small bread roll or slice of toast. Mmmm!

    Recipe by: andrewcmackenzie

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