Pumpkin is such a versatile vegetable, plus healthy and great tasting to boot. Recipes include pumpkin soup, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin pie and pumpkin scones.

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This is such an easy chicken, pumpkin and spinach risotto to make. You can make this with simplicity all in an electric teflon wok!

Recipe by: foodtechnologyteacher

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My sister gave me this recipe - its insanely easy with only two ingredients. I made these immmediately to try them and the result is more savoury than the normal pumpkin scone but they still go well with jam:-)

Recipe by: amanda

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A classic style pumpkin soup made with blended roasted vegetables and chicken stock.


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These are called pumpkin scones but they seem a little more like mini cakes as the recipe starts with creaming butter and sugar.

Recipe by: BushCook

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This is a different pumpkin soup that tastes like no other with its very special ingredient: peanut butter!

Recipe by: Marian

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This salad is very simple to prepare and is absolutely delicious! I usually serve this salad with bbq, grilled or pan fried salmon. Please make sure you read the notes in relation to the type of feta to use - it can seriously destroy this salad!

Recipe by: rasckus

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This is a nourishing cake-like bread that does not compromise on flavour. Buttermilk guarantees it will turn out moist. Great for an afternoon snack.

Recipe by: JJOHN32

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This is a mild, creamy vegetarian curry that the whole family will love and so easy and cheap to make!

Recipe by: royalewcheese

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It seems like there are a lot of ingredients, but this delicious cheesecake is worth the effort. Enjoy!

Recipe by: Cathy

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Lots of recipes call for pumpkin puree but it can be hard to find here in Australia. It's easy to make your own and freeze for later use in pies and muffins.

Recipe by: SYMKA

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