Prawn Cocktail

Prawn cocktails can make an elegant entree at your next dinner party. They look great and are easy to make.

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This prawn cocktail has come a long way since the 1970's. Fresh coriander, cucumber, spring onions and chilli give the classic entree a Mexican flavour boost.

Recipe by: Rey Garza

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The classic prawn cocktail garnished with a tangy tomato sauce, paprika and lemon wedges. A favourite at parties.

Recipe by: David

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A low-fat protein source, prawns provide a good amount of B vitamins. They're also mineral-rich, supplying valuable amounts of phosphorus and magnesium.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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A twist on the classically retro prawn cocktail. An easy no cook recipe that will work every time. Kids love it.

Recipe by: Katch22

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Discover for yourself just how good this classic starter is.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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This marinade is meant to resemble the classic prawn cocktail sauce and it is so good! You can also cook the prawns under the grill and they'll be great.


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A different take on prawn cocktail but so good. You can serve this on little butter lettuce leaves which you roll up like a taco.

Recipe by: Elisabeth Glachant

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You can't really go wrong here - use small sweet prawns where possible and serve them on lettuce with tomato sauce and Tabasco.

Recipe by: doudine36

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Prawns and pineapple are a great combination, fresh, zesty and tropical! You don't have to use the bouquet garni but it adds a nice fragrance.

Recipe by: annef

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Also known as Cocktel de Camaron. This dish is the perfect starter or appetiser. It's light, full of flavour and totally moreish. Serve at your next dinner party or get-together.

Recipe by: Melissa Sakmar

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