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    The most festive of biscuits, gingerbread evokes fond memories of Christmas, gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. We also have recipes for gingerbread cakes.

    Top Gingerbread Recipes

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    A traditional gingerbread man recipe which comes out of the oven soft and hardens as it cools. A childhood favourite.

    Recipe by: FADEDDREAMS

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    I love to make gingerbread in the holidays and this recipe is suitable for cutting out gingerbread men and women or for building gingerbread houses.

    Recipe by: kate

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    These cute little gingerbread treats are perfect to share with the children in your life this Christmas.

    Recipe by: McCormick

    125 reviews

    This is a nice basic construction but you can make your house more elaborate as you get more familiar with the process. Use your imagination and lollies and icing to make doors, windows, pathways and a garden. The gingerbread needs to sit overnight after cooking and after assembly - the fun is in the decorating!

    Recipe by: Ruth

    132 reviews

    Great biscuits for Christmas. They can be iced any way to make fun treats for your family and friends.

    Recipe by: Heather

    Gingerbread Videos

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      How to Make Gingerbread Men
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      Christmas Gingerbread House

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