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    11 reviews

    This fruit salad is very simple but great either as a dessert or as a change from the usual breakfast regime. You can also top it with voghurt or whipped cream.

    Recipe by: faulknor

    120 reviews

    This is a great healthy substitute for fattier counterparts. You can use plain flour instead of wholemeal if desired. Other fruits can be substituted as well!

    Recipe by: Speck

    677 reviews

    Perfect strawberry jam recipe for beginners that doesn’t use pectin, yet still produces a soft, spreadable and delicious jam.

    Recipe by: Katharine

    122 reviews

    Sliced strawberries are coated with a strawberry jam glaze, arranged on a tart shell, chilled and served with whipped cream. A lovely and simple barbecue or picnic dessert that kids and adults will love.

    Recipe by: Karin Christian

    45 reviews

    If you use a ready-rolled pastry case, this recipe is a snap to put together. Just mix up the filling of rhubarb and berries, spoon it into the base and add pastry to cover.

    Recipe by: Bev T.

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