Muesli (54)

    It's easy to make your own muesli whether you want plain muesli, toasted or variations like Bircher muesli and granola.

    Top Muesli Recipes

    3 reviews

    This is one version of a Swiss creamy breakfast cereal made up the night before and soaked in the fridge overnight to be ready to eat in the morning. Choose your favourite yoghurt flavours. No cooking required!

    Recipe by: GERALDENE

    7 reviews

    These are just so chewy and delicious; not like the store bought jaw breakers. My sons love these, very moist, very morish and low in fat.

    Recipe by: ELIZABETH101

    11 reviews

    These muesli-muffin bars are very soft and perfect for lunchboxes! The recipe is very flexible as you can use a variety of dried fruits and either golden or maple syrup (muesli bars turn out sweeter when maple is used). You can also add extra ingredients, e.g. nuts.

    Recipe by: Dolores

    85 reviews

    A great use for overripe bananas, this granola is simple to make, and you can always omit the almonds if you are on a nut-free diet.

    Recipe by: Susan Johnson

    82 reviews

    These biscuits have lots of hidden goodness and taste great too. These biscuits will stay soft and moist because of the zucchini.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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