Pikelet recipes create a smaller version of a pancake that is great for children or as a small dessert; Pikelets also make a practical finger food dessert choice.

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Mum's staple recipe for morning brunch.

Recipe by: MortarandPestle

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You can make these pikelets thicker by mixing a thick batter, while thinner pikelets will need a thinner batter. Add your choice of jam or whipped cream (or both) or eat them with butter.

Recipe by: AUSSIEMUM1

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Pikelets make a great breakfast or afternoon tea snack. Serve with jam, butter, whipped cream or lemon.

Recipe by: SARASVATI_X

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Vegan pikelets. Needed a dairy free and egg free alternative and this works great. The orange juice gives them a great taste.

Recipe by: jacki

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This is a great recipe [particularly if you use duck eggs] - it is not necessary to leave in fridge for 2 hours, particularly if you are like me, and want something in a hurry. Leave stand for 5- 15 minutes in the fridge while you 'clean up and do the dishes'. I generally do a double mixture, because these are so popular, so consequently I can make up to 4 dozen or slightly more. Nice to eat on their own, or serve with Rosella Jam and cream.

Recipe by: bjthedj

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These are great family recipe, I find that pancakes can get too big and fill the kids up on carbs. These are more fun and a better size.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Here's a fun way to get some vegies into your kids! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Zucchini Pikelets Video.

Recipe by: Nyusha

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Add more or less milk to make thicker or thinner these delicious sweet pikelets with banana and peanut butter flavours.

Recipe by: Toby's Mom

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These are a cute little alternative to a big pancake breakfast. These are a sweet vanilla flavoured version that goes well with fresh berries.

Recipe by: ApplePie

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This is a nice easy recipe, cooked on a griddle or in a frypan. Just throw everything into a bowl and mix. Served hot or cold with jam and cream or any topping you like. We like them with lemon curd and Nutella and banana as well. This recipe makes around 48. Great for functions.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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