Bruschetta (49)

    Bruschetta makes a great quick and easy entree, lunch or snack. Recipes include artichokes, asparagus, feta, chorizo, you name it!

    Top Bruschetta Recipes

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    This is a great starter, especially for a dinner party. It goes well with any pasta dish, doesn't require a lot of work, tastes wonderful and it rhymes!

    Recipe by: Becca

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    Bruschetta is a great standby appetiser or entree that is quick to make and tastes great when using fresh ingredients. See this recipe being made on Allrecipes Bruschetta Video.

    Recipe by: Ita

    81 reviews

    Bruschetta are great finger food at a party or as a starter to a sit down meal. The garlic is light and fragrant.

    Recipe by: JANWEISBERGER

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    This is a fast and easy starter that's colourful and delicious. You can buy deli roasted capsicums or roast your own.

    Recipe by: NDATZ

    18 reviews

    This is a great starter or party finger food. It's a delicious combination of fresh tomatoes, garlic and rocket.

    Recipe by: Esmee

    Bruschetta Videos

    How to Make Spanish Tomato Bread
    How to Make Spanish Tomato Bread
    How to Make Fruit Bruschetta
    How to Make Fruit Bruschetta
    How to Make Bruschetta
    How to Make Bruschetta

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