Orange Cake

    The use of oranges in cakes is gaining popularity with great recipes such as chocolate orange cake, almond orange cake and flourless orange cake.

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    This recipe uses fine matzo meal to make a light and moist sponge cake that is perfect for Passover or any time. It has egg yolks, potato flour and orange juice.

    Recipe by: JANWEISBERGER

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    The grated rind of one orange gives this cake its flavour. It can be iced with your favourite icing, or a mix of orange juice, butter and icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Dotty1

    60 reviews

    A beautiful moist light orange cake and gluten free as long as you've got the right baking powder. Super easy to make and people love it! Serve in wedges with a mound of whipped cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: Lucence

    72 reviews

    This is a very moist and rich cake. You will love it!

    Recipe by: Song Bee Lian

    68 reviews

    A basic sponge cake recipe that uses orange zest and orange juice to add a different note. You can serve it on its own or ice it or make trifle.

    Recipe by: Jackie Lim

    79 reviews

    This is an easy to make recipe, and it tastes great. A simple cake made from scratch, and flavoured with honey and orange.

    Recipe by: Julia

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    This moist gluten-free orange cake has been a favourite of my family for years. I like to fill the centre opening with chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Recipe by: Lois Albanese

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    Ground almonds take the place of flour in this cake, thus making it a torte. Whole oranges and yoghurt give it a tangy flavour.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

    5 reviews

    A family recipe from way back

    Recipe by: bronwengillan

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    Although there are quite a few steps to this cake the results are worth it. A whole orange, including the skin, is used in the recipe which produces a rich intense flavour. Almonds replace the flour thus making this a traditional torte style of cake.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

    2 / 7

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