Swiss Roll

    A popular method of making cakes, the Swiss roll has been popular for many years, but there are more flavours than chocolate and sponge jam!

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    Sound odd? It's a fantastic vegetarian main dish, spinach mixed with eggs, baked and rolled up with a creamy mushroom filling.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    The blend of pumpkin, nuts and cream cheese in this Swiss roll is just wonderful! I prefer this to other cakes.

    Recipe by: PATTI HUGHES

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    I have always enjoyed eating these but only recently started making them as I didn't realise how easy it was. Cream and strawberries rolled in a thin sponge cake.

    Recipe by: elisabeth

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    Try this super easy gluten free Swiss roll recipe made with rice flour. Deliciously light sponge, it will soon become one of your favourite cakes if you have to avoid gluten. Fill with jam or ripe berries and whipped cream. Dust with icing sugar just before slicing and serving.

    Recipe by: fioa

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    A Swiss roll cake is a great snack to serve to guests with tea or coffee, and very impressive looking. For all that it is not at all hard to make.

    Recipe by: Anna

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    This is a pumpkin cake rolled like a Swiss roll and filled with a cream cheese filling. Decorate as desired.

    Recipe by: Debbie Littlejohn

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    This recipe is for the base of a Swiss roll. It is a very basic recipe but the classics are the always the best, right? Fill with your favourite jam or mock cream.

    Recipe by: The Walters

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    This is a decadent dessert and very pretty to serve. A pumpkin Swiss roll is filled with toffee pieces and cream and topped with caramel.

    Recipe by: Jenny Hensley

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    A chocolate swiss roll filled with white chocolate ganache and berries, decorated with adorable red hearts. A great dessert to end a romantic Valentine's day dinner.

    Recipe by: col_kitchenandphotos

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    This delicious roll makes a nice change from a cake as a dessert - great for impressing at a dinner party!

    Recipe by: Tammy Elliott

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