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Condensed Milk

Caramel slices, caramel tarts, fudge, cheesecakes, macaroons and drinks - there are many delectable uses for tin of condensed milk.

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Simple to prepare, large no-cook cheesecake with a sweet base that you can decorate however you wish. Good for a crowd.

Recipe by: sweettooth

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Boiling a tin of condensed milk in water is the basis of caramel slices and caramel tarts. I usually do it in the pressure cooker as its quicker.

Recipe by: fredbaptiste

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There's a lot of chocolate in this fudge, also condensed milk and marshmallows to make it a real treat. Great for Christmas presents, birthday parties or for your next cake stall.

Recipe by: twest

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Condensed milk is the main ingredient in these rich waffles. Serve with seasonal fruit and whipped cream.

Recipe by: lysiane

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A great stand-by dessert I always keep a few tins of these tinned ingredients in the cupboard then as long as I have some eggs, I am good to go.

Recipe by: Viveca DelGiorno

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This is a Hong King style milk tea made with condensed milk. You can use any black tea- I often use Orange Pekoe.

Recipe by: Tao

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A lovely change from chocolate rum balls, these coconut rum balls are very sweet and delightfully crunchy. You will need to make them at least a day ahead.

Recipe by: Tauna

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This is a cake for milk lovers, it has full cream milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream all together!

Recipe by: Stephanie

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This caramel mousse is made with dulce de leche which is easily made by heating a tin of condensed milk. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Caramel Mousse Video. See how to make dulce de leche in our Allrecipes Dulce de Leche Video.

Recipe by: fioa

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This is a delicious cake with a syrup of condensed milk, evaporated milk and milk as well as a meringue icing.

Recipe by: Blanca

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