Calamari (21)

    There are so many more options to cooking calamari than crumbing and deep frying it. Try these great recipes for calamari salad, stir fried and stewed.

    Top Calamari Recipes

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    Just lately all the calamari I have bought is that reconstituted mushy stuff, so like most things, if you want it done properly do it yourself.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    Squid in a tomato wine sauce is a popular Italian Christmas favourite. It's good as a side dish or served over pasta.

    Recipe by: NCANGELONE

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    A really delicious and authentic stew of squid in a red wine sauce. This is great served with rice for a special occasion.

    Recipe by: MARIA157

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    This is a classic Greek dish called macaronatha, squid in a tomato sauce served over macaroni and topped with sheep's cheese.

    Recipe by: Tiny Poem

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    A true Spanish paella with a lovely blend of prawns, calamari, scallops and clams. You must use real saffron threads.

    Recipe by: SpanishPrincess