Kids Party Food (52)

Kids like to party too and there are a lot of recipes to make sure they have something great to eat.

Top Kids Party Food Recipes

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A tasty novelty cake that is a great alternative to the standard cupcake. Truly resembles an ice cream in a cone, kids love 'em!!! Of course you can make your own cake and icing.

Recipe by: Dee Akeson

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A biscuit for chocolate addicts. A wonderful easy recipe that is great for kids - easy to make and store well. They can be frozen, either in mixture form, or in biscuit form. Made tiny these biscuits are dainty and lovely to have with coffee or tea. You can also use the normal sized M&Ms if you like, though it is harder to make the dainty sized biscuits!

Recipe by: Talyn10

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This is home made wagon wheel recipe that the entire family will love and is so easy my 4 year old made them. They are rich, crunchy and a little sinful but they will keep you coming back to make more.

Recipe by: Tracka

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Three Weet-Bix, sugar and coconut...the beginnings of a tasty treat coated in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.

Recipe by: Linda

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This chewy, choc-toffee flavoured biscuit has been a family favourite for years. Easy to make and delicious.

Recipe by: Annalie

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