Spaghetti is a classic Italian pasta dish with many versions like the classic recipes for spaghetti Bolognese, spaghetti and meatballs or spaghetti marinara.

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This recipe for Carbonara contains no cream, i don't think it is needed. I ate this in a little restaurant once and have finally succeeded in creating my own version. I hope you like it.

Recipe by: MARLENE28

5 reviews

This is a useful "standby" dish to have in your repertoire since both the meatballs and tomato sauce freeze perfectly and can be reheated successfully in the microwave.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

23 reviews

This is a lovely seafood pasta dish made with red wine, cream and garlic. It tastes stunning, looks good and is really simple to make.

Recipe by: CLEM1

6 reviews

This is my variation on the classic Italian recipe + lots of variations (see substitution section). I used to always use bought pasta sauces until I realised how much better it is making your own and it's just as easy! My family has diverse tastes so depending on who I'm cooking for decides which version I make! Vegetarian for my mum, meaty for my brother, traditional for my dad etc...

Recipe by: chorazy

3 reviews

mmmm Tasty

Recipe by: Simoncase

3 reviews

Might not be everyone's idea of spag bog but it's what I remember from my childhood ;)

Recipe by: Kaylee75

42 reviews

This is a Greek themed spaghetti with feta and kalamata olives. I sometimes add artichokes or spinach for variation.

Recipe by: MISSSMEW2

121 reviews

Sometimes you don't want a heavy spaghetti sauce. This one uses tinned tuna, garlic and capers for bright flavours.

Recipe by: Amanda

135 reviews

This is a very quick and easy lunch or dinner to throw together, and very tasty! A great use for leftover chicken.

Recipe by: Beamish

2 reviews

Easy, simple spaghetti dish packed full of flavour with fresh ingredients.

Recipe by: NPet

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