Easy punch recipes for a crowd; alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch as well as fruit punch and sangria. Perfect for your next party!

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    Global Cuisine

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    A great drink for serving to children or designated drivers at Christmas time, New Year's Eve or parties.

    Recipe by: Mary48

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    Makes this as a centrepiece for a Halloween party! A hand is frozen in a rubber glove and then added to the punchbowl.

    Recipe by: MOMMYGABS

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    Vodka-soaked watermelon mixed with champagne, ginger ale and orange juice. The alcohol can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. As my friend who makes this says, "think Bolly-Stoli, but it's more likely Smirnoff-Carrington!" You can garnish or top with mint leaves too. Hello New Year!

    Recipe by: leon

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    This is the drink I always make for my kids birthday parties, but you'll be surprised by how much adults love it too!

    Recipe by: Ruth Perkins

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    This is a no-alcohol punch but you can add champagne for a kick! We have done this for various functions over summer and it always goes down well even with the kids. This gets made up and put in the esky and served through the day. It's best if you can chill all the ingredients beforehand.

    Recipe by: dezel

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    This recipe is perfect for parties on frosty nights. The apple, cinnamon and spice blend will remind you of your mothers hot apple pie and warm the cockles of your heart.

    Recipe by: KateBloomfield

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    This is a great punch recipe that is served in the actual coconut, perfect for parties or a special treat.

    Recipe by: homeboy

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    This is from my friend, Jane's family. It's an excellent non-alcoholic summer punch-perfect for Christmas. Have all the ingredients cold beforehand. To make the tea ice-cubes just make some strong black tea, let it cool then pour into an ice cube tray.

    Recipe by: Nicola

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    An easy fruit punch that goes great at any family party or special occasion. You can use any combination of fruit you wish.

    Recipe by: MITCHG

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    A fizzy, very fruity non-alcoholic punch. Great for parties, Christmas, any get together - its like punch and fruit snack combined. I use lemonade and orange juice but you could use any juice or soft drink (or mineral water.)

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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