Sour Cream (63)

Sour cream is a great ingredient whether it is part of a rich sauce or a key ingredient in a savoury pasta sauce or sweet cake or muffin.

Top Sour Cream Recipes

1 review

This is a very hearty and satisfying bake of beef mince, egg noodles and sour cream. My kids love it.

Recipe by: KIMIRN

3 reviews

You'll be amazed what a difference the addition of sour cream makes to a blueberry muffin recipe. Use fresh or frozen blueberries.

Recipe by: KK3

7 reviews

This recipe is so easy and delicious. You just mix all the ingredients together and bake. This recipe calls for thighs but you could also use legs or breasts. It's good served with rice.

Recipe by: MRS TEMPEST

5 reviews

This is pretty much a stroganoff but with pork chops instead of beef stew meat. A good and easy dinner.

Recipe by: RC2STEP

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Blue Cheese dressing is great with vegetable sticks or as a dip for other finger food like chicken wings. And of course it is lovely on crispy salads.

Recipe by: Nancy Blair

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