Sorrel leaves may be added to soup and sauce recipes, or eaten on their own in salads. Sorrel has a sharp, slightly sour taste somewhat like kiwifruit.

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This salad looks great served in the avocado halves and would also be a delicious sandwich filling.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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Crisp, crunchy iceberg lettuce with creamy yoghurt and prawns make an ideal combination for a summertime salad.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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The salad greens used in this recipe—curly endive and witlof—have a slightly bitter taste that is complemented by the peppery heat of the radishes and the cream cheese dressing.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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If you make your own pasta, try this amazing pumpkin ravioli with a hazelnut cream sauce flavoured with sorrel.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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Sorrel is a strong peppery green and adds a great flavour to soups. This soup is filling because of the rice. Adjust quantities of sorrel, stock and cream if you want.

Recipe by: BFOULDS

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Sorrel has a bright taste, slightly sour, which makes it very refreshing in a pork rib soup. Serve with buttered bread.

Recipe by: Jola

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Sorrel, sometimes called dock spinach, is a delicious wild herb with a taste a bit like kiwifruit. It makes a refreshing soup.

Recipe by: Rita

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