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    Caramel is an eternal sweet flavour, whether you are making it yourself from condensed milk or buying it as an ingredient in a dessert, cake or pie there are a wide range of ways to incorporate caramel into your diet.

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    This Mexican creme caramel is extremely creamy due to the addition of cream cheese. This delicate dessert is steamed in the oven.

    Recipe by: gema

    724 reviews

    This slice consists of a shortbread base, firm caramel centre and a milk chocolate top. They are not at all hard to make.

    Recipe by: Julia

    16 reviews

    Shortbread base, a caramel layer and a dark chocolate topping-the classic Caramel Slice. Make sure you cut this into slices before the chocolate fully sets or the chocolate will crack while you're cutting.

    Recipe by: Kathi

    12 reviews

    A new take on the traditional chocolate mud cake....YUM!

    Recipe by: Jasmine

    380 reviews

    Coffee and caramel are two of my favourite flavours - so I decided to create a caramel macchiato cheesecake!

    Recipe by: Dawn

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      Chocolate Caramel Squares
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      Chocolate Caramel Squares
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      Mexican Creme Caramel

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