Baked Fish

    Whole baked fish, baked salmon, baked snapper, baked filo parcels and baked fillets; we have some great recipes for your next baked fish meal.

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    A fish baked whole always looks spectacular. This one has a stuffing of fresh herbs and chopped onion.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    A very easy baked fish recipe, full of flavour, but extremely low in fat and calories. Serve with rice.

    Recipe by: sal

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    These salmon cakes are very easy to make using tinned salmon (you could also use leftover salmon). Add any spices you like.

    Recipe by: Marianna

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    A one-dish meal of fish and lots of vitamin-rich vegetables. The fish cooks on top of the potatoes, tomatoes and rocket.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    Fish baked in a Mediterranean inspired sauce of tomatoes, onions, capers and black olives. A tasty way to enjoy your fish.

    Recipe by: Ro

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    Salmon is glazed with orange juice, balsamic vinegar and fresh ginger. A lovely summery dinner with a salad and rice.

    Recipe by: LINDA W.

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    Perfect for Good Friday Easter this is an easy and flavourful fish recipe. Serve with rice for a healthy dinner. I use trevally, but feel free to use whichever type of fish you like.


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    These trout parcels are an impressive presentation and you can eat them right out of the foil if you don't want washing up!

    Recipe by: Denyse

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    In this recipes, the dough is topped with tomatoes, thinly sliced onion and anchovies before it is baked. Very Italian and very delicious!

    Recipe by: DJK1125

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    Rainbow trout are a great quick and healthy dinner. This is served with a beautiful yoghurt sauce with cucumber, dill and lemon zest.

    Recipe by: Lola

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