Caraway seeds are often used to flavour rye breads, curries, casseroles, coleslaw and some cheeses. They are also commonly used in sauerkraut recipes.

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    This is a succulent pork roast seasoned with caraway seeds and sage and the drippings used to make a delicious gravy.

    Recipe by: CARLOSA

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    The protective phytochemicals in cabbage are particularly effective against hormone-related diseases such as breast cancer.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    The strong flavours of caraway seeds and rye flour combine to make this New York style bread. It's very simple to make in the bread machine.

    Recipe by: Doug

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    Coleslaw is a great side dish with barbecued meats but it can be a little repetitive. Try this version with caraway and mustard seeds for extra zing.

    Recipe by: Kimber

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    Roo burgers for the BBQ or cooked inside in the frypan. Serve in Turkish bread rolls with lettuce and tomato or add any burger fillings that you like..

    Recipe by: Kathy

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    Mix this pumpernickel-style bread in the bread machine, but bake it in the oven. I recommend baking in the oven because the loaf is fuller and the top is much nicer.

    Recipe by: Rodney

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    Light, cool and refreshing, this is an ideal entree for a Summer lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: fairfieldstation

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    Caraway seeds is something of an acquired taste but if you like rye bread you'll love these Swedish biscuits!

    Recipe by: BRET261

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    I am not sure if I like this bread best when it is fresh out of the oven or a few days old and toasted? The sultanas with a touch of caraway seeds combine so well.

    Recipe by: anton

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    Caraway seed cakes are originally from Britain and have a very distinctive flavour and texture. Try it and see what you think - I love it!

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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