Caraway seeds are often used to flavour rye breads, curries, casseroles, coleslaw and some cheeses. They are also commonly used in sauerkraut recipes.

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    Very tasty little currant biscuits with the flavour of caraway seed, a bit like Irish soda bread. Very quick and easy to make.

    Recipe by: Laria Tabul

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    Sauerkraut makes this rye bread especially moist and tasty and it has a mouth watering aroma when baking.

    Recipe by: CAMPRNL

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    This is a Czech version of roast pork. The addition of caraway and garlic really heightens the gravy. Serve with dumplings to sop up the gravy.

    Recipe by: none

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    A bread flavoured with treacle and caraway seeds, and plump juicy raisins. Serve it while it's still warm to enjoy the sweet aroma.

    Recipe by: Kevin K.

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    For a truly special occasion, a whole pork loin roast cooked with cabbage in fragrant stock. It helps to have a meat thermometer for this one but it's not essential. For a real flavour experience, substitute sauerkraut for the cabbage!

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    Bagels are delicious served with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or with eggs or salad. They are soft and chewy due to the cooking process.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    Horseradish adds a bold bite to the warm, creamy dressing that brings this delicious combination of Brussels sprouts, red potatoes, celery, spring onions and apples together.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    This spice cake has caraway seeds, ginger, raisins, currants and lemon peel. It is a very flavourful and aromatic cake and tastes a bit like aniseed.

    Recipe by: The Walters

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