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The sweet flavour of Australian barramundi cannot be beaten; try some of these barramundi recipes including crumbed, baked and steamed.

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Barramundi is crumbed in almonds and parmesan cheese before being gently cooked in this easy dinner. Perfect for Good Friday if you like to follow the eating fish only tradition.

Recipe by: Michelle Woolf

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You can't get much better than this! Seared and roasted macadamia-crusted barramundi with a tangy tropical sauce. It's heaven!

Recipe by: deanna

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A simple recipe for barbecued barra. Great for a beach side BBQ.

Recipe by: Selva

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A quick and easy way of cooking barramundi or any white fish fillet.

Recipe by: Laurab_aus

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Fish pie is often thought of as a peasant dish but this gourmet version uses barramundi and subtle cream and cheese flavours; making a great entree.

Recipe by: hawk

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A delightful and simple way to serve fresh barramundi. Steaming with ginger and spring onions allows the fish's best flavours to come out.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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Nothing says summer like a barbecued barramundi! This is a very simple but spicy seasoning to really bring out the flavours of the fish.

Recipe by: ZSTYLIN

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This is a quick and simple way to cook barramundi with two easy ingredients, butter and lemon; great option for kids without more exotic flavours.

Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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Barramundi is simmered in a tangy sauce of wine, capers, olives and chilli for this easy dinner party dish.

Recipe by: Kiki Hahn

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This is a great fish dish that can be prepared ahead of time then cooked when required for a quick and easy dinner or lunch.

Recipe by: BushCook

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