Made from potato, gnocchi makes a great variation from the traditional Italian pasta dishes. Try some of these recipes for gnocchi and sauces.

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    Delicious gnocchi made of sweet potatoes, also called kumara. Serve with butter or cream sauce for a beautiful dinner.

    Recipe by: ELA33INE

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    Potato gnocchi are delicious but can be a little dense. In this recipe their flavour is lifted with a fresh tomato sauce spiked with chilli and basil.

    Recipe by: Laura N

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    This delicious combination of gnocchi, cheese and sage makes a great side dish or a meal in its own right with a salad and garlic bread.

    Recipe by: Gina S.

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    This recipe produces a rich creamy sauce without the use of any cream. This sauce is also delicious with penne, fusilli or any other small pasta shape.

    Recipe by: Diana Moutsopoulos

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    You get lots of high-quality protein in these delicate-tasting, unripened cheeses and they also make healthy substitutes for cream in many conventional recipes.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This is a tasty dish that never fails to impress. There's nothing subtle about it; its a hearty meat, capsicums and tomato pasta dish. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Jayda

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    My first gnocchi attempt, beautiful and tasty for a first time! Includes a walnut sage sauce.

    Recipe by: thecholl

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    A friend grew a backyard full of Jap Pumpkins. She gave me 1.4kg pumpkin. Wow! Gnocchi can be made and refrigerated (2-3 days) or frozen (up to 3 months) until needed. Try it with other sauces. Let me know what you come up with. Happy Cooking!

    Recipe by: Katch22

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    Pumpkin makes these gnocchi a beautiful orange colour. Serve as a side dish, or on their own with just some garlic butter and Parmesan.

    Recipe by: Tina

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    This is a great vegetarian option. Gnocchi is made with potatoes and lightly seasoned with nutmeg. The pumpkin sauce uses baked pumpkin pureed with cream, nutmeg, butter and parmesan.

    Recipe by: Kirsten

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