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    The Australian bush has a lot of food to offer whether it is kangaroo, wattle, lemon myrtle or another rare ingredient.

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    Duck breast smoked in paperbark and served with enoki and shiitake mushrooms and Illawarra Plum Sauce.

    Recipe by: VicCherikoff

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    Rosella jam is made from the fleshy red calyx and bracts that surround the green seedpod of the plant. Harvest the crop before it becomes tough and the seedpod discolours. You will need to half fill a 9-litre bucket with rosella fruit for the following recipe- or you can adjust the amounts accordingly. Rosella seedlings are available through local nurseries. Six home grown plants will provide plenty of fruit for several batches of jam. Individual plants grow around 1.5m high and 1m wide.

    Recipe by: serenity55

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    Lilly Pillies are trees native to Australia and south-east Asia and are extremely popular in Australian gardens, particularly for hedges or topiary. They produce edible red berries which, although not very tasty by themselves, can be made into a delicious spiced chutney.

    Recipe by: HWright

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    This recipe works wonders on kangaroo meat, but as an all-purpose recipe it can be used just as easily on beef, lamb, pork and chicken for the same tender results. Kangaroo meat is usually cheaper than other meats and has a rich flavour, but because it is extremely lean it is easy to over cook, becoming tough and dry. The good news is that all these factors make it perfect for curries, and combined with a slow cooker you have a foolproof way to guarantee tenderness.

    Recipe by: 5318008

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    A tangy refreshing cordial with a unique Australian flavour that kids & adults can enjoy. This cordial keeps at least for a year.

    Recipe by: serenity55