Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a rich soft cheese that adds depth to recipes including white sauces, dips, bakes, cakes, breads and pastas.

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These filled Polish dumplings are usually served with sour cream and crispy bacon. This is an old family recipe.

Recipe by: Mary Martin

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This is a super simple lasagne to make with a basic beef mince and cottage cheese combination meaning less work and more eating.

Recipe by: Brigitte

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Using cottage cheese to make a cheese cake tastes great and is lower in fat that cream cheese. I think that the custard powder and lemon zest provide a nice flavour.

Recipe by: Corinna

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I don't often think of savoury strudel but this is a great spinach one that has become a popular weeknight meal because although it has a lot of ingredients it is quite easy to make.

Recipe by: Hanni

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This is a delicious lemon cheesecake which is lower in calories due to the use of cottage cheese. Very easy to make!

Recipe by: Sheryl K.

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With only a simple list of ingredients, you can make this tasty lasagne for the whole family. Serve with a green salad.

Recipe by: Bob

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This is a quick pizza dough using cottage cheese which gives it additional flavour.

Recipe by: elisabeth

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This tuna salad recipe gets its unique flavours from celery salt and lemon pepper. It's also creamy because of the cottage cheese. Try it as a barbecue side dish.

Recipe by: Teresa

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I like to make this salad when fresh fruits are really in season, but if necessary you can add tinned fruits to make up a good variety.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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This is a hearty white bread I make in my bread machine, and the kids just love it. You can substitute non-fat cottage cheese.

Recipe by: Dara Cole

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