Antipasto (22)

Antipasto literally means "before the meal", and is effectively the Italian equivilent of an appetiser. They can be served hot or cold.

Top Antipasto Recipes

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Marinated eggplant in olive oil and seasonings that is a delicious antipasto dish called "Melanzana Ali Olio". Also goes well in salads and pasta dishes.

Recipe by: DXRICCI

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This is a great antipasto with crusty bread and glass of red. This recipe makes a lot so I usually give some jars away.

Recipe by: Karen

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Fan of both marinated mushrooms and marinated cherry tomatoes? This is for you. This is perfect as a salad, side or as part of an anitipasto platter.

Recipe by: SunnyByrd

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A very robust tapenade with the assertive flavours of anchovies, capers and kalamata olives. Serve as an antipasto with pita bread triangles for dipping.

Recipe by: Jim Clark

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This capsicum is SO good! You will never consider buying marinated capsicum from the deli or in a jar ever again. Your hands may get a bit stained and need a scrub from taking off the skin but it is well worth the effort. I hope you love this capsicum as much as I do. You can use the capsicum on a cheese platter or antipasto platter. It tastes fantastic on sandwiches, pizzas or however you may like to use it.

Recipe by: rasckus

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