Golden Syrup

    Golden syrup is a great substitute for traditional white sugar and is used throughout baking and dessert recipes.

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    This is an old family recipe that originates from Yorkshire England but this pudding is 'steamed' in the oven.

    Recipe by: Tricia Scoffield

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    This is a great recipe [particularly if you use duck eggs] - it is not necessary to leave in fridge for 2 hours, particularly if you are like me, and want something in a hurry. Leave stand for 5- 15 minutes in the fridge while you 'clean up and do the dishes'. I generally do a double mixture, because these are so popular, so consequently I can make up to 4 dozen or slightly more. Nice to eat on their own, or serve with Rosella Jam and cream.

    Recipe by: bjthedj

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    These are very sweet biscuits as they use honey, golden syrup and sugar. Your teenagers are sure to appreciate them!

    Recipe by: Sophie

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    This is an old-fashioned English winter pudding recipe; although not so old-fashioned that it includes suet. This pudding warms tummies on cold and dreary midwinter nights.

    Recipe by: Sarah-neko

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    An easy and rich-tasting gingerbread loaf. Beautifully spiced and specially sweetened by golden syrup and treacle. Morning tea ready!

    Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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    This is a great little biscuit recipe that if flavoured by coconut and golden syrup. Great for morning or afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: Pfil

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    This is an oven baked damper loaf but if you want to be traditional you can cook it over a campfire on a stick! Serve with cocky's joy (golden syrup).

    Recipe by: Jobunni

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    This is a great golden syrup dumpling recipe that we cook at home and is a popular warm dessert when we go camping.

    Recipe by: Pfil

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    This is a lovely dense tea cake that is simple to make. It gets better with age; if possible leave for 3 to 4 days before cutting and eating.

    Recipe by: mamapoz

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    An easy caramel sauce with golden syrup and cream that goes well with ice cream, cakes, steamed puddings, pancakes, waffles.

    Recipe by: julmagic

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