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    Golden syrup is a great substitute for traditional white sugar and is used throughout baking and dessert recipes.

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    66 reviews

    Delicious dark pecan bars with brown sugar and golden syrup. My family loves to eat these so I make them often!

    Recipe by: EVANSDL

    51 reviews

    I've been on a bit of a lollie run lately and found this one from way back. Your own version of a Crunchie bar-just without the chocolate. This is easy to make and fun when you add the bicarb!

    Recipe by: Nicola

    7 reviews

    Fluffy dumplings bathed in a rich golden syrup sauce have been a comforting family dessert for generations. Being economical and filling, they are also a good friend to the cook with a household budget to balance.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    28 reviews

    Classic and nostalgic, this pudding recipe is delicious and the microwave makes it super easy to prepare.

    Recipe by: MICHAELWILD

    8 reviews

    Delicately spiced banana pudding that's quick to make and even quicker to eat!

    Recipe by: chimpchef

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