Prosciutto (56)

Prosciutto finds its way into a great many recipes. Try prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast or asparagus for party food, or make a prosciutto salad or pasta.

Top Prosciutto Recipes

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Orange-fleshed melons supply plenty of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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Make this for a special weeknight meal or a dinner party. Feta cheese and prosciutto stuffed chicken breasts baked in lemon and herb olive oil. You can substitute bacon for the prosciutto. The preparation is quick and the oven does the rest. Fabulous!


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Succulent and juicy sea scallops are wrapped in prosciutto then basted with melted butter. They are barbecued until lighlty brown. It's a match made in heaven.

Recipe by: Donna Francis

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A fresh way to enjoy tasty chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto and served with a homemade cranberry sauce. An easy recipe for such a great taste.

Recipe by: Patches

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This is a very simple Bolognese-style sauce with a distinctive flavour provided by prosciutto. Serve with your favourite pasta.

Recipe by: angelic

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