Christmas Biscuits (92)

    What's Christmas without festive Christmas biscuit recipes such as gingerbread, spiced biscuits, shortbread, brandy snaps or shaped cookies?

    Top Christmas Biscuit Recipes

    14 reviews

    This is the only recipe I have ever used for gingerbread. It has never let me down and gets dragged out every year again for Christmas.

    Recipe by: Launa

    2 reviews

    A very easy and delicious almond shortbread recipe that is made in a flash if you have a food processor. You can also make this easy recipe by hand - just cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy then mix in the other ingredients by hand to form a dough.

    Recipe by: Lauren

    29 reviews

    This is a good basic biscuit recipe that makes plain biscuits perfect for icing and decorating as Christmas biscuits or as decorated biscuits for any occasion.

    Recipe by: Perkins

    25 reviews

    These are great spice biscuits which are very similar to gingerbread. Holiday favorite! I usually double or quadruple this recipe!"

    Recipe by: Pam Uribarri

    87 reviews

    These sandwich biscuits are ideal for Christmas but they're good anytime. Use your favourite jam in the centre.

    Recipe by: anonymous

    Christmas Biscuits Videos

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      How to Make Gingerbread
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      Easy Shortbread

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